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Telecom Pcb Assembly, Telecom Circuit Board Assembly

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MOKO Technology Ltd is a highly respected Telecom PCB Assembly ,Telecom PCBA Manufacturer specializing in prototyping and small volume building in the high complex area or telecom and industrial computing Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) , PCB Assembly, PCB Assembly service for leading OEMs.As specialists in Telecom PCB assembly and Telecom PCB assembly service, and as one of the China’s leading electronics manufacturers, you can rely on our knowledge and expertise to provide you with the highest quality PCB Assembly, PCB Assembly service, PCB and printed circuit boards, exactly when you need them.MOKO  is a highly respected full service PCBA assembly company specializing in prototyping and small volume building in the high complex area or telecom and industrial computing Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) for leading OEMs. Experienced in high complexity, highly configurable networking products, MOKO leverages on our vast experience in manufacturing Networking products beginning with the prototype phase scaling to mass production volumes.MOKO is geared to building highly complex printed board assemblies as found in the telecommunications and computer areas. We have expertise in dealing with area array devices such as BGAs and CSPs-especially fine-pitched devices down to 0.35mm pitch devices. In addition we are used to assembling POPs and mirrored BGAs-especially on boards with a high thermal mass. Leadless device placement is another area of expertise as we are used to placing and inspecting these devices. Our equipment and expertise is also well suited for large format back planes.In addition to our assembly capability, MOKO can be your business partner when it comes to ‍PCB testing and PCB repairing electronics assemblies for the telecom and complex computing markets. We have experienced repair technicians who have worked on smart phones and DSL infrastructure testing equipment amongst others.As an established source of PCB assembly expertise in the area where there are numerous large, leading edge tech companies, MOKO has provided a broad range of services to telecom and computing customers. Some of the these devices include:DSL testing equipmentBattery charging systemsEmbedded computersSupercomputer motherboards and othersMOKO provides solutions crafted to meet the advanced needs of technology providers, guiding them through the maze of continuous business and technology changes.

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