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Temperature Sensor

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Product Name: Temperature Sensor Product Function: Home security in the armed state, real-time, accurate measurement of the ambient temperature, once the home temperature anomalies, the alarm will be sent directly to the owners and family mobile phone, promptly notify the property security, in order to respond quickly to exclude abnormalities.Product Size: Sensor L*W*H 65.5mm*29.0mm*12mmProduct Features: Design originality, basic shape as door/window sensors, same mold shared, green middle case used for distinction , improve product recognition, and kept both economic and aesthetics.Using Scene: It can be used in the family kitchen or else, while temperature rise  suddenly on behalf of dangerous, it'll trigger other sensors to work, so as to release danger. It can also be used in storage systems, temperature will be real-time displayed via mobile phone App , to ensure storage temperature requirements for special items.Specifications: working distance

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