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Test ServiceMaxway has full test coverage to ensure quality excellence. Our test engineers are capable to work with customer design team on test solution development. Below is a brief introduction of test during manufacturing process:Test CoverageTest DescriptionTest Equipment / FixturesSPIShort for Solder Paste Inspection, a test for solder paste volume, critical step to prevent solder errors in PCB assembly.SPI Machine      3D SPI MachinePre-Reflow AOIAutomated Optical Inspection (AOI) before reflow process, a system to identify component and solder joint defects.AOI MachinePost-Reflow AOIAOI after reflow processAOI MachineICTAbbreviation for In-circuit Test, which checks and detects current leakages in the circuitry, defective components and manufacturing defects.ICT Fixture -developed by Maxway according to customer requirementsFCTShort for Functional Test, a test to identify functional defects within a printed circuit board assembly.FCT Fixture -developed by Maxway according to customer requirementsFAIShort for First Article Inspection, at Maxway, FAI is a must before mass production, when there is engineering change or change of production lines.FAI TesterAXIAbbreviation for Automated X-Ray Inspection, which inspects structural solder faults of non-visible joints such as area-array packages (BGA, CSP, Flip Chip), parts under RF shielding, and some special connectors.AXI Machine

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