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Textured Geocell

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Product Description
Textured Geocells is honeycomb shaped structures, in material of HDPE, welded by high frequency ultrasonic. Being flexible, geocell can be folded in transit and outspreaded filling with sand, stone or concrete in roadbed construction. BOLV geocell is our company’s main product, with the height ranging from 50mm to 200mm and welding distance from 300mm to 800mm. Features   ModelHeight      (mm)Welding distance      (mm)Sheet thickness (mm)Peel strength of welding point      (N/10CM)GS5050330-8001.6+/-0.1mm≥1450GS7575330-8001.6+/-0.1mm≥1450GS100100330-8001.6+/-0.1mm≥1450GS150150330-8001.6+/-0.1mm≥1450GS200200330-8001.6+/-0.1mm≥1450REMARK: width of the product can be made according to the customer’s demand, and other special standards will carry out by contract.MATERIAL PHYSICAL CHARACTERS PROPERTIESTEST VALUESTEST METHODMaterial hdpe with density of 0.935~0.965g/cm30.94 g/cm3ASTM D 1505Seam peel strength1420N/10CMASTM methodMinimum ESCR4000hr at leastASTM D 1693Tensile strength of strips20 MPa minGB1040-1992Carbon Black Content1.5% minASTM D 1603USES:  Mainly used in highway foundation stability and protection, slope stability and the green environment , soil retaining wall construction , management of the Banks of the river dam , the landfill land infrastructure and so on many of the infrastructure .

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