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Tgss Series Self-cleaning Scraper Conveyor

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Product Description
Features★ The case for the u-shaped trough, with the scraper shape at the bottom for the semi-circular anastomosis, scraper made of high-quality polymer materials, with low noise, good direction, not residual materials and so on.★ the chain of transmission by the sleeve roller chain, Touwei round of a small pitch sprocket operating steadily. ★ additional clean-up board, since the Qing good effect.★ simple structure, tightness, and installation and maintenance easy.★ is a self-consecutive-level transportation equipment, applicable to the food, oil, rice, feed materials industries such as transportation.Technical parametersModelU-bays diameter                    (mm)Transport capability     (m3/h)Dynamic (kw)TGSU1616810-15According to the lengthEquipment Scale Drawing And Overall Dimension

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