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Th Bucket Elevator

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Product Description
Bucket Elevator Product introduction Introduction TH-type bucket elevator is a new product developed by our factory, with high transportation, and large enhance capacity, run in a stable and reliable way, long life and other significant advantages. TH series bucket elevator is used for conveying powder, granular and small block materials of no mill-cut or small mill-cut.Application: It applies to the manufacture of non-abrasive powdery and granular materials and especially in the industries of dry mortar for construction, chemistry and foodstuff. Features: 1. High efficiency of feeding, 2. Simple operation, 3. Convenience of installation and multipurpose applications. 4. Low driving power, inflow feeding, induction unloading, high-volume hopper intensive arrangement. 5. Wide lifting range, little materials type and property requirement can not only lift general powder and granule materials, but also lift high polishing materials. Sealed and little circumstance pollution. 6.Good running reliability, the advanced design principle and handling method assure reliability of whole machine running, the non-fault time exceed 20 thousand hours. Stable running make it reach higher lifting height.Main Technical Data   ModelTD160TD250TD315TD400Bucket typeQHZDSDQHZDSDQHZDSDQHZDSDCapacity (m3/h) width (mm)160250315400Bucket volume (L) distance (mm)280350360450400500480560Belt width (mm)200300400500Bucket speed (m/s) granule(mm)25354555ModelTD500TD630TD160TD250TD350TD450Bucket typeQHZDSDhZDSDQSQSQSQSCapacity (m3/h)3870589285891424.78182225425072Bucket width (mm)500630160250350450Bucket volume(L)4.899.3151414.623.50.651. distance (mm)500625710300400500640Belt width (mm)600700200300400500Bucket speed (m/s)1.8211.251.251.25Max granule (mm)607025354555

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