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The New Generation Of Vacuum Diffusion Pump Steam-ND

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Product Description
The new generation of vacuum diffusion pump steam-ND-250 (ND-250R), LP-400 (ND-400R), LP-500, LP-630, LP-800, LP-1000 water-cooled are intended for pumping air, gases, vapors, and steam mixtures containing no condensed moisture and mechanical impurities and non-corrosive to materials of construction and the pumped fluid. The pumps are intended to work in a hospital in explosion-proof room. Different from the pumps NVDM advanced in the low vacuum range of operating pressures and significantly improved the exhaust pressure. Available parametric range of pumps with control ND 250, 400, 500, 630, 800 and 1000 mm. ND pumps have a cylindrical zigovanny body inside which the steam pipe system with the nozzle heating system the working fluid and the slinger. Optimally, the design of the pump LP provides high specific characteristics.

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