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Thermal Insulation Clay

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Product Description
Product  Model No  Mian Material CAS No MF  Place of Origin Thermal insulation glay 663B butyl 9003-27-4 BiPb Shanghai,China 1、Description Thermal Insulation Clay is a type of sealing material which is made from high quality rubber, plasticizer, etc, it has good performance on adhesion, acid and alkali resistance, ageing resistance, UV resistance, heat insulation performance.Sealing, thermal insulation performance.No flowing under high temperature,no cracking under low temperature.Meet the Emission Test and Requirement for the Materials and Components in Vehicle. 2、Application Area Automotive air conditioning, commercial air conditioning, interior flooring, riveted sheet metal seal between the casing, shock absorption, insulation.Remove the release paper, sick to the application place, compact it.

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