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Thermal Resistance Temperature Sensor

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WZ  Series  Thermal Resistance Temperature SensorModel and specification:TypeCodenameMeasurerange (ºC)ClassAllowable deviation t (ºC), the greater one of  twoSpecificationlengthKNickel chrome-nickel silliconWRN-40~1000I±1.5ºC or ±0.4%t                              0.5M,0.75M,1M,1.5M,2M,2.5M,3M and so on.Note: The small thermocouple, thermal resistance sensor measuring range does not exceed 400ºC. Sensor measuring range according to the real object.      -40~1200II±2.5ºC or±0.75%tENickel chrome cupreous nickelWRE      -40~800I±1.5ºC or ±0.4%t      -40~900II±2.5ºC or ±0.75%tJIron-cupreous nickel      WRJ      -40~750I±1.5ºC or ±0.4%tII      ±2.5ºC or ±0.75%tSPlatinum rhodium12 platinum      WRP0~1600II      ±1.5ºC or ±0.25%tBPlatinum rhodium30 platinum6WRR600~1700II      ±1.5ºC or ±0.25%tTCopper-cupreous nickelWRT-40~350I      ±0.5ºC or ±0.4%tII      ±1ºC or ±0.75%tCU5OCupreousthermoresistorWZC      -50~150II      ±0.3ºC or ±0.6%tPT100Platinum thermoresistorWZP-200~650I±0.15ºC or ±0.2%t-200~850II      ±0.3ºC or ±0.5%tIndustrial sensorSpecification: E: 0-800C; K: 0-1200CS: 0-1600C; R: 0-1600C; B: 0-1800C; PT100Make according to the customerSensor Meaning of the model codeW____ ___ ___ ___ ____ ____ ____(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)(1) Graduation Number:RN: Nickel chrome nickel silicon thermocouple (K)RE: Nickel chrome cupreous nickel thermocouple (E)RF: Iron cupreous nickel thermocouple (J)RP: Platinum rhodium12 platinum (S)RR: Platinum rhodium30 platinum (B)RT: Copper cupreous nickel (T)ZC: Cupreous thermo resistor (CU50)ZP: Platinum thermo resistor (PT100)(2) Type: X compact type (this item cancel the black space)B standard type (blank) K Armor type(3) Mounting method:Compact type: 1- tube type 2- pressure type 3- screw type4- coil type 5- simple typeStandard type/ Armor type1- without fixing device 2- fixed screw thread3- movable screw thread 4- fixed flange 5- movable flange(4) Connecting box form0- without connection box 1- simple connection box2- splash proof connection box 3- waterproof connection box4- blast proof connection box 5- BNC connector jack connection box(5) The form for measure end0- with no request 1- connect shell 2- outcrop model 3- insulation type(6) External diameter (millimeter)0-16 1-12/M12 2-2 3-3 4-4 5-5 6-6/M6 7-7 8-8/M8(7) With transfer output:B: 4-20MA B: 0-10MA B: 1-5V B: 0-5VNew measuring temperature thermocouple for kinds of machineries of package, clothing, printing,rubber and food, etc., and for electric furnace industry. They can measure temperatures of liquid, steam,gas and solid in producing. Characteristics are shock resistant, high-temperature resistant and long life.Used for temperature measuring and automatic controlling in scope from -200 to 1600oC.The sensor mountingSensor head will be placed on the need measuring temperature point, direct measure the pointtemperature, secondary use with a variety of temperature meter.Sensor is installed in the workpiece position as much as possible, to avoid the installation ofnext to the door or near the heating object. The insertion depth accord with actual need. Theinstallation of sensor maintain a position as vertical as possible,  but in the case of flowmeasurement must install reverse tilt. If you need fix sensor,  the container wall can be opened a fix larger hole than the sensors installation thread diameter, install the sensor fixed on the container with the nut attached. When the measured object is non- gas or liquid,  the temperature sensor  make some close contact with the measured object,  in order to improve response speed and reduce the transmission error.If the thermocouple output wire need lengthen, you should use the relative thermocoupleompensation wire with the same polarity, and then connect with the secondary meter. Sensor wireor compensation wire should directly connect to the secondary meter connecting terminal, to avoid the use of ordinary wire, otherwise the error will be. Bending connection as little as possible to extend the use time, frequent bending sensors must be designed for.

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