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Thermal Transfer Ribbons For Clothings Label

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PT3274( Ricoh D110A ) is a washable Ribbon perfectly matching textile care label giving good results on washing, dry cleaning, ironing, bleaching and stone wash. It's used on Avery Dension Snap 500, Paxar 500 etc printers for various garment and clothing care printing.PERFORMANCE PROPERTIES•Excellent printing performance on nylon, polyester and acetate films•Widely used in personalized ribbon, gift ribbon and clothing care industry•Super washable performance and durable ability•Excellent performance on textile fabric care label like nylon and satin•Super smear resistance up to 150°C (302°F)•No blurring of image occurs from ironing•Print images are highly durable against water and dry cleaningTYPICAL APPLICATION•Clothing care, Garment care and retail tags•Personalized Luggage Straps•Care Label•Commercial and Industrial Laundry•Drying clearing•Gift ribbon, Award ribbon, wedding ribbon and personalized ribbon•Memorial Ribbon, Funeral Ribbon, Elegiac and Sympathy Ribbon•RFIDRECOMMENDED LABEL STOCK•Woven Nylon•Woven Polyester•Non-Woven Polyester•coated textile fabrics•Synthetic film•Retail tags(synthetic)•SatinRIBBON SPECIFICATION•Washable Resin ribbon, used for both flat head &near edge printers•Base Material:  Polyester film•Base Film Thickness 4.5 ± 0.4µ•Ink Color:  Black•Ink Transparency: 0.65-1.65•Image Density:  Min. 1.2 (nylon) / Min. 0.8 (polyester) / Min. 1.0 (acetate)•Image Resolution:  Min. ANSI BPRINTING PROPERTY NylonPolyester SatinAcetateCompatibilityPPPImage Density1.421.471.33 Note:1) Maximum Printing Speed: 6 IPS2) Image Resolution for Nylon & Polyester Satin: Minimum Size:- For the line: 4.0mm - For the characters: 1.0mmSTORAGE CONDITIONS•0°C TO 35°C •Humidity: 30 to 85 % RHDURABILITY OF PRINTED IMAGE:TESTS with standard nylon care labels•Standard wash(25washing at 40°C in 45 min Test ISO C06A1M):  ANSI > B•Standard wash(25washing at 60°C in 45 min Test ISO C06A1M):  ANSI > B•Direct & indirect ironing (150°C 20 back and forwards):  ANSI > B•Light(Xenon lamp at 650W/m² during 1 month):  ANSI > B•Bleaching(diluted to 5% during 2h):  ANSI > B•Stone wash (1 time):    ANSI > C•Dry cleaning(5 times):   ANSI > BDURABILITY OF D110A0: Erased, bad 5: No damage, good

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