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Thread Co-extrusion Sealing Tape

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Product Description
Product  Model No  Mian Material CAS No MF  Place of Origin Thread co-extrusion sealing tape 663J butyl 9003-27-4 BiPb Shanghai,China 1、Description  Thread Co-Extrusion Sealing Tape is self-adhesive tape with thread in it based on butyl rubber, with excellent weather resistance, high and low temperature resistance, weak acids and bases resistance, has an excellent waterproof function for the adhered.Non-solidified, flexible, good adaptability;With a special rubber strip in the middle,the pressure resistance is guaranteed thus prevent the sealant from squeezing out under working condition. Thus maintain a good sealing performance. 2、Application area Mainly used in the production process of evaporative condenser assembly between galvanized sheet, lap adhesive waterproof seal.Remove the release paper, place another object accurately and compacted it to ensure the tape are closely bonded with the surface of the adhered.

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