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Thread Plug Gauges

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Thread plug gauges: 1 :Thread Plug Gauges are used to gauge threaded holes prior to insertion of screw thread inserts. 2:Thread plug gauges check the size of internal threads to ensure the threads are within its designed tolerance limits. 3: Precision hand lapped to provide superior accuracy, optimum finish and maximum wearability. 4: Screw thread inserts are used to repair a damaged thread or to provide stronger thread assembly. 5:GO and/or NO GO thread plug members; Class 6H of fit for metric thread plug; Class 6H of fit for metric thread plug. 6:Clcoil STI thread plug gauge are manufactured of oil hardened tool steel; Most Metric sizes in the stock. Ring Gage 1.CLcoil ring Gauge inspects the external dimensions of manufactured thread inserts.2.Gage are ring lapped to size and hand polished to provide superior accuracy and wear ability.3.Gauge makers tolerance will be applied minus on the GO and plus on the NO GO.4.The precision of thread insert is 6H, 5H.Most Metric sizes in the stock.

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