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Three Axis Rlg

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ER132A Three Axis Laser GyroscopeThe model is integrated two laser gyro component and a single axis laser gyro small groups of three axis laser gyro, according to user needs reservation and the accelerometer installation position, for users to customize special secondary power supply, the main function is to accurately measure the Carrier relative inertia space Angle motion information, and can be output to the user in the form of angular increments, for inertial integrated navigation, positioning and orientation, attitude position measurement and other fields system-level product development.Main ApplicationVehicle mounted directional navigation system, airborne laser inertial integrated navigation system, the position and attitude measurement system of mobile measurement are applied.Main FeaturesSmall in size, light in weight; Modular design, good compatibility; It can be customized for the system structure design, easy system integration.Technical IndicatorsNO.ProjectIndicatorsRemarkAB1Dynamic   Range Of Angular Velocity Measurement≤±300°/S2Bias   Constant≤±0.5°/h≤±0.5°/h3Bias   Stability Index≤0.015°/h≤0.020°/h1σ4Bias   Repeatability Index≤0.015°/h≤0.020°/h1σ5Angular   Increments Output Resolution≤0.58"/LSB6Run-up   Time

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