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Three Column Centrifuge

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Introduction to SS three - column centrifugeSS three column centrifuge is also called three column hydroextractor,Website:, dehydrator, centrifugal hydroextractor, dewatering centrifuge, industrial centrifuge, industry dehydrator. SS is suitable for separation of suspension containing solid particles above 0.01 mm, thereinto the form of suspension could be graininess, crystal, threadiness. SS is also used for dehydration of items like roving and textiles. In industry field, SS is one of the most classic type in the family of centrifuge. It adopts three – column structure, can be divided into foundation (needs fixing via laying the foundations) and nonfoundation (needs fixing via laying the foundations). The base of the foundational type is iron castings, and The base of the foundational type is concrete filling. Centrifuge’s brake adopts artificial brake. The machine texture that touches with materials is 304 stainless steel which is acidproof, alkali-resisting, anti-corrosive. The tank adopts 4-6 mm stainless steel. Retaining fluid shell adopts 3 mm stainless steel. Intercepting trough plate adopts 2 mm stainless steel. The machine could be started via centrifugal blocks or frequency converter, and the motor can adopt the conventional motor and explosion-proof motor.The tank and shell of SS centrifuge are manufactured with high quality stainless steel. It can run smoothly with good balance, low voice, high dehydration rate.The SS centrifuge has incomparable advantages like simple structure, long service life, obvious absorb shock, highly cost effective. Due to these advantages, the SS is widely used in industrial market. According to customers’ feedback, SS is general used for about 5 to 10 years.technical parameters of SS three column centrifugemodel      Project      SS300      SS450      SS600      SS800      SS1000      SS1200      SS1500                  Transfer speedinner diameter             mm300450600800100012001500height H200220320400400450500calibre 1602604005607009001100filter area㎡ volumeL10204590140205345max volumekg122555115175255430Transfer speedr/min21001700140012001000900600separation factorC740728658645560544302motor powerKW1.11.535.57.51115weightkg1301805801000130018003500 Dimensionlength            mm50060014001700190019002300width48060012001500170019002300heigh46067010001100120012501300

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