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Three Die Extrusion Lamination Machine

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If you are looking for new design, full automatic three die extrusion lamination machine, or you are going to import high speed PLC control products from a such factory, or you are planning to check the price with a such golden supplier, with large output three die extrusion lamination machine for sale and providing with three die extrusion coating lamination machine, three die multilayer extrusion lamination machine, three die extrusion lamination coating plant, three die co-extrusion laminating machine on promotion, Yuzhe Intl Trading Company is always at your service. A. Introduction HDLF (90-65) X2-1000 Multi-layer Coating and Laminating Machine is the most advanced product in our country. It is composed of electricity systems, pneumatic systems, electronic systems and mechanical systems. Its main components include four extruders, three die, three sets of laminating system, two sets of automatic unwinding system and one automatic rewinder system. The whole machine is chain and numerically display the unwinder, rewinder, extruder, laminating, speed and counter with system PLC control. The most suitable products: Kraft-coated white card paper (printing), brick shaped, pillow shaped, roof shaped paper-based coated material, which used for packaging milk, fruit juice, tea drinks with 2~12 months shelf life ,made of four-layer coating basis material of aluminum foil(of seven-layer paper-based coated material) . Many customers have used this kind of equipment, they are all satisfied with it as follows: high automatization, low consumption, high rate of finished products, steady quality, multifunctional , easy operation and service, little troubles. This kind of equipment is quite mature in the market for many years. It has got high reputation in dairy industry and beverage industry and the key technical has got the state intellectual rights protection with the Patent Number of (01244742.0) and (02220838.0).  The products have achieved and exceeded the state standard (detailed information in our test report). B. Technical specification 3.T-die:JINGCHENG BRAND (new type featheredge mold with material German 2738 steel, hardening and tempering ,dealt with Chrome ). Two sets independent extruder ,one set co-extruder(material : imported stainless steel ,anti-acid, outface-inside with antisepsis protect layer ); 1.screw diameter: 90mm,screw L/D ratio:32:1,screw material:38CrMoAl. hardening and tempering ,surface Nitrogen Treated(NT) two sets;65mm  2.screw L/D ratio:33:1,screw material : 38CrMoAl. hardening and tempering ,surface Nitrogen Treated(NT) two sets(one of sets anti-acid, inside with Chrome),stronger double refine structure, with high capapcity,temp display, with double working single pole screen change quickly; 3. OMRON digital smart temperature controlling system; 4. Raw material: coating grade PE, PP and so on; 5. The gear box of extruder applies high strength hard tooth surface reduction of high obturation 6. Basic material: 80-280g web paper. 0.0065-0.0075mm roller AL foil ; 7. Double working single-column type quickly screen change equipment; 8. Coating film thickness: 0.012-0.035(single layer); 9. Coating effective width: 600-1000mm; 10. Max extruder output: when the screw diameter is 65mm, max extruder output is 90kg/h (single group) and when the screw diameter is 90mm, the max extruder capacity is 180kg/h (single group); 11. Mechanical speed: 0-120m/min; 12. The first unwind is double working shaft turn over type with high speed. It can change without stopping the machine or reducing the speed. Cutting and joining the web with vector inverter imported PLC. The second unwind applying double working type, magnetic power brake and controller, edge position controlled device by manual with journey for edge position: 150mm; 13. Double working and shaft central rewind system with high speed. It can change without stopping the machine or reducing the speed. The cutting and joint the web, rewind tension is controlled by vector inverter control including coder(imported PLC); 14. Automatic servo motor light and electric type EPC with journey for edge position:+ 100mm,precision for edge position:+0.5mm; 15. Pedestal for extruder can move automatically front and back, also right and lift; 16. The first unwind max diameter is 1000mm and the second unwind diameter is 600mm. The rewind max diameter is 1000mm; 17. Counting meter for rewind automatically with mention change rewind device; 18. Imported PLC module applied for unwind tension, extruder output, speed and rewind tension ; 19. Pneumatic shaft of unwind and rewinder: 6”; 20. Loop of porcelain enamel heater for screw and barrel and each zone with overload short circuit equipment; 21. Corona treatment with automatic start and stop function; 22. Overall size(L×W×H):23800mm×7900mm×4430mm; 23. Stainless steel inside heater for die and each zone with overload short circuit device; 24. Gross weight: about 43000kg. 25. Gross power: almost 435kw (when running, the consume about 130kw/h); Main Parts NO Name Q’ty 1 Motor (ABB,SIEMENS) Whole sets 2 PLC module (FX2N MITSUBISHI  Japan) Whole sets 3 Overload short circuit equipment (SCHNEIDER) Whole sets 4 Digital intelligent temperature controlling system (OMRON from Japan) Whole sets 5 Contactor(SCHNEIDER ) Whole sets 6 Air cylinder (KORTIS  France ,AIRTAC  TAIWAN) Whole sets 7 Hard metal driver roller (SHANGHAI) Whole sets 8 Pneumatic roller for unwinding and rewinding (CHANGZHOU) Whole sets 9 Inverter( INOVANCE) Whole sets 10 T-die (JINCHENG) Three pcs 11 Coder (OMRON) Whole sets 12 human-computer interface controller (HITECH from TAIWAN) One set 13 Magnetism powder tension control system (MITSUBISHI) Two sets 14 Coating roller(SHANGHAI) Three pcs

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