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Three-roll Granulator

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Features★ using three-roll at the top of the structure set up in the work roll frequency of the slowdown in motor-driven roller feed, feed uniform and individually controlled, the work roll good condition, broken moderate precision. ★ synchronous rolling from the conditioning, rolling away from regulation to facilitate accurate, with calibration adjustments reflect the intuitive hand wheel rolling from the size. ★ transmission belt drive system used, low noise, the quiet, maintenance capacity. ★ special roll tooth and can meet the expected □1.8 shrimp broken, finished look pretty, with the low rate of powder.Scope★ apply mainly to feed the crushing operations, with a special fine tooth roll can be broken □1.8 mm shrimp material.Technical parametersModelCapacity(t/h)Power(kw)SSLG20×80×35-87.5+1.1SSLG20×110×38-1211+1.1SSLG20×140×312-1515+1.1SSLG20×170×315-2018.5+1.1Equipment sample product plans and Dimension

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