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Through-hole Axial Conformal Coated Inductors

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Providing with quality and standard customer-made electronic and passive components through-hole axial conformal coated inductors and solution products, Fullstar Electronics is a leading through-hole axial conformal coated inductors manufacturer and supplier in China. welcome to wholesale electronics axial inductor, leaded inductor, radial inductor, radial axial inductor, leaded power inductor, fixed inductor from our factory. THROUGH-HOLE AXIAL CONFORMAL COATED INDUCTORSFeatures : Axial Leaded Power Inductor with Inductance Range from 3.3uH to 150mH ●Axial leaded power inductor●Radial leaded power inductor●UL-polyolefin shrinking tubing leaded inductor●Leaded inductor with ferrite core●High-current leaded inductor●High-reliability leaded inductor●Low-resistance leaded inductor●Series inductance value up to 500mH●AC line filters●Air core coil●Common mode choke coils●Radial choke inductors●Shielded radial choke●Toroidal coil●Ferrite beads●Wide band chokes●Axial lead fixed inductors●Small, medium and large quantities available   Remarks : Magnetic core Wire-wound construction Heat resistant epoxy resinHigh reliability, ideal for automatic insertionSmall size, low cost   Applications:Automotive systemsVCRSComputer perpheral equipmentTelevisionsElectronic gamesFullstar Type Series ■LGA0204 SERIES■LGA0305 SERIES■LGA0307 SERIES■LGA0410 SERIES■LGA0510 SERIES

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