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Thrust Cylindrical Roller Bearings

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Xiamen Goldenbridge Imp. & Exp. Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China thrust cylindrical roller bearings manufacturers, and is also a professional thrust cylindrical roller bearings supplier and factory, we are always at your service.K811 series Thrust Cylindrical Roller BearingsTrust cylindrical roller bearings are intensive to shock loading and feature much higher load carrying capacity compared to thrust ball bearings. They accommodated very high axial loads but no radial focres. They provide a very rigid bearing assembly for high thrust loading with less space requirement.They consist of shaft washer(WS), a housing washer(GS), and a cylindrical roller & cage thrust assembly(K).Part K811series bearing cataloguePart NumberDimensionThrust Bearing WasherDc1DcDwmmHousing WasherShaft WasherK 81102 TN15283.5GS 81102WS 81102K 81103 TN17303.5GS 81103WS 81103K 81104 TN20354.5GS 81104WS 81104K 81105 TN25425GS 81105WS 81105K 81106 TN30475GS 81106WS 81106K 81107 TN35525GS 81107WS 81107K 81108 TN40606GS 81108WS 81108K 81109 TN45656GS 81109WS 81109K 81110 TN50706GS 81110WS 81110K 81111 TN55786GS 81111WS 81111K 81112 TN60857.5GS 81112WS 81112K 81113 TN65907.5GS 81113WS 81113K 81114 TN70957.5GS 81114WS 81114K 81115 TN751007.5GS 81115WS 81115K 81116 TN801057.5GS 81116WS 81116K 81117 TN851107.5GS 81117WS 81117K 81118 TN901209GS 81118WS 81118K 81120 TN10013511GS 81120WS 81120K 81122 TN11014511GS 81122WS 81122K 81124 TN12015511GS 81124WS 81124K 81126 TN13017012GS 81126WS 81126K 81128 TN14018012GS 81128WS 81128K 81130 TN15019012GS 81130WS 81130K 81132 TN16020012GS 81132WS 81132K 81134 TN17021514GS 81134WS 81134K 81136 M18022514GS 81136WS 81136K 81138 M19024015GS 81138WS 81138K 81140 M20025015GS 81140WS 81140K 81144 M22027015GS 81144WS 81144K 81148 M24030018GS 81148WS 81148K 81152 M26032018GS 81152WS 81152K 81156 M28035022GS 81156WS 81156K 81160 M30038025GS 81160WS 81160K 81164 M32040025GS 81164WS 81164

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