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Tian Chi Yds-10-210 Liquid Nitrogen Dewar Tank

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We being a prime Manufacturer, Importer & Supplier in the industry, offer Liquid Nitrogen Container. It is applied in a number of industrial purposes. The quality is ensured to be in compliance with the standards and parameters set by the industry. We make it available in a number of specifications. Its durability, corrosion resistance and dimensional accuracy make it a popular choice for varied purposes.

The quality of liquid nitrogen tank that liquid nitrogen tank preserves the duration of liquid nitrogen, liquid nitrogen preservation, the longer the better quality.Good quality liquid nitrogen tank in addition to save time is long, liquid nitrogen tank should have leather case, can prevent the liquid nitrogen transport in the process of the impact of liquid nitrogen tank.A lot of liquid nitrogen tank of liquid nitrogen tank manufacturer leather cases because there is no equipment, causes the liquid nitrogen tank in the process of transportation liquid nitrogen tank is vulnerable to the impact and deformation.

Due to large liquid nitrogen containers and internal temperature, low temperature of liquid nitrogen just the same load and environmental temperature liquid nitrogen tank, in order to achieve the temperature balance, intense evaporation and liquid nitrogen, a lot of white gas, this belongs to the normal phenomenon.When the temperature reaches equilibrium, this phenomenon disappear naturally.Liquid nitrogen tank is animal husbandry industry, such as heating indispensable important equipment, variety improvement work is highly vacuum cooler.

Net Weight(kg):6.5
Static Storage(D):15
Static Power Dissipantion(Kg/D):0.50

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