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Tianchi 6l Ln2 Tank Dewar Yds-6 Price In Mongolia

Product Description

TIANCHI 6L ln2 tank dewar YDS-6 price in Mongolia

Type organization method of production

Y D S - X X X

| | | - | | |

F E D - C B A

A. Diameter (mm) ,size is not marked it is 50mm.

B. The capital Latin Letter means special type(B-for transportation)

C. Nominal volume of container

D. "S"means biological

E. "D"means Nitrogen

F. "Y"means Liquid

e.g.1:YDS-30 means volume 30L,Dia.50mm,liquid nitrogen biological container.

e.g.2:YDS-50B-80 means volume 50L,Dia.80mm,liquid nitrogen biological container.






Net Weight(kg):4.5

Static Storage(D):65

Static Power Dissipation(Kg/D):0.08

Safe use:

The container can only be used for filling liquid nitrogen, please don't filling with liquid chlorine, liquid oxygen, liquid ammonia, liquid gas, in use is strictly prohibited during the collision, so as not to damage the tank of high vacuum state; it is forbidden to use storage tank transportation tank, nitrogen transport and need to special transportation tank; prohibit the use of sealing plug sealed tank mouth, in order to avoid liquid nitrogen to evaporate to form nitrogen increased pressure and accidents.

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