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Tiger Whale Legend Game Machine

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Qicheng Dongman Company is one of the top level China tiger whale legend game machine manufacturers and suppliers, with professional factory we are able to offer you high-quality and CE best tiger whale legend game machine at competitive price. Welcome to buy fashion or wholesale new products from us.Orcas legend console game description:1、1500 giant killer whales, and sexy mermaid, blue sharks, red shark, purple shark synchronized swimming;2, more than a blue shark evolvement of red herring, beauty scene;3, maximum power to strengthen 12 gun, infinite rebound. Creative use ratio gear: strengthen the + key. Players choosing 20 times the largest artillery positions can be reached 240;4, 1-8 guns into the special effects for web, 10 cannons (special effects have the function of penetrating, struck down in front of the fish after can penetrate hit the back of the fish), 12 gun for three;5, strengthen the functions of new gun, when the big fish through the door, players can enjoy slapping launch key, speed up the launch, chase your enemies;6, killed "purple" shark, whole fish held for 10 seconds, the player struck at random;7, killed "killer whales", 10 times the fish is green line radioactive synchronous connect to kill;8, killed red fish, fish were all similar red line radioactive synchronous struck;Article 9, when energy is complete, free super gun, rank number changes, the highest cannon can turn over 20 times;

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