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Tilting Type Kneading Machine

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Huicai Machine Manufacture Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China tilting type kneading machine manufacturers, welcome to wholesale banbury mixer, internal mixer, rubber internal mixer, mixing kneading machine, plastics internal mixer, dispersion mixer for rubber and plastics from our factory. 1、 Mixing chanber It consists of aW shape bady and two side boards made of high quality steelplates by means of extrusion forming and welding,which are jacked to take the flow of cooling water or steam.It si plated with hard chrome on its internal walls. 2、Thermal Resistance There is aplug-in thermal resisitance in middle section of the bottom of chamber to be connected to electrical system to inspect and display the temperate. 3、Rotor It is designed to the hollow blades lf Banbury type. The hollows are connected with axial hole of rotor shaft used as cooling or heating passage.The top edges of blades and the end faces of~rotor shaft are surface welded with cobalt-base hard alloy and grinding,then plating with hard chrome and polishing. 4、Cooling/heating system A common piping system is adopted for either cooling or heating material in mixing operating.Through the system cooling water or steam is fed in three ways to the cavities of the rotors blades,-the jackets the mixing chamber and the top ram. 5、 Tilting mechanism It consists of a rotor with brake,cycloidal gear reducer,TP tyoe worm and worm gear, etc.It is able actuate mixing chamber tilting by 140° aroung the front rotors. 6、Dust-proof seal (the national utility model patents-patents,ZL200720016920.8) Mixing room with the missing cantilever rack interface using curved trough structure of the board, effective dust.Rotor shaft are symmetrical labyrinth seal the installation of devices,each of the labyrinth seal by the convex sets lf components.Unique structture,without sealing material used, both good sealing performance without polluting the environment,but also easy to maintain,long service life,etc. 7、 Main driving system  The part is made up with main motor,reducer,connecting gears.It realizes odd-speed rotation of the rotors with running face one other. 8、 Pnenumatic control system Pneumatic control system is controlled by PLC order.A bi-directional air cylinder make the ram up or duwn.In case the over load occurs in the mixing chamber, the top ram can be raised automatically or manually if necessary, so as to protect motor from overload. 9、 Electric control system Imported PLCdevice and electric control components which are all imported products or importanted technology products are adopted in the elctric control system as to raise control reliability.

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