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Titanium Anode For Electrolysis Metal

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Equipped with professional factory, Taijin Industrial is the biggest China manufacturer, supplier and producer of titanium anode for electrolysis metal. Our company can offer you corrpro vendor pbo2 coating titanium based anode at competitive price. Titanium Anode for Electrolysis Metal(PbO2 coated Titanium electrode)Taijin PbO2 coated Ti electrode is a new type of shift in the lead base metal anode, is a combination of precious metal coating and lead oxide anode. This novel anode is belong to lead anode derivative products, it take over the advantages of coated titanium anode and lead anode, also overcome the disadvantages of lead anode easy to bend or corrosion, as well as the high price in Ti coated anode. Perfectly in line with the trend and direction of anode of hydrometallurgy industry development. From the aspects of saving energy and reducing resource consumption and environmental protection, PbO2 coated Ti electrode is a kind of higher comprehensive properties novel anode. Technical Parameters PH:<1~4 Coating: MMO + Interlayer+α-PbO2-x+β-PbO2-xCoating Thickness: 0.5-1.0mmCurrent Density:<1000A/m2Electrolyte: CuSO4+ H2SO4 or NiSO4+H2SO4   Life Span: More than 24 months   Application1. Used as electrode anode materials, including electrolytic manufacturing of chromic acid, perchlorate, electrolytic oxidation method to purify the wastewater to reduce COD2. Electrolytic smelting metals,Due to PbO2 coated Ti electrode is resistant to sulfuric acids, suitable for electrodeposition insoluble anode materials in Zinc, Copper, Nickel, Cobalt sulfate.etc.3. Oil and water separation4. Zinc plating, passivation, waste recycling;5. Cathode anticorrosion6. Neutral electrolyte dephosphorizationAdvantages1.Good electrical conductivity, high hydrogen evolution over potentiality, good catalytic property, corrosion preventive, stable chemical properties, high electrochemically, allow passing a large current2.Chemical stability,a lot of oxidant and acid have no effect on anode3. Strong corrosion resistant ability and long life time(Especially shows long life in sulfuric acid solution and Organic electrolyte).4. Strong oxidation and effectively degrading organics.5.hardness, abrasion resistance, low cost,.6.Dimensional stability, small space between the electrodes in using process,to solve the traditional lead anode fracture problems in solid, liquid and gas environment 7.Green,not to pollute bath solution,high quality8. Ti base can reusable.

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