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Titanium Dioxide

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Other names: Titanium dioxide; Titanium(IV) oxide; Titania; Rutile; Anatase; Brookite CAS Number: 13463-67-7  Chemical formula: TiO2 Molar mass: 79.866 g/mol Density: 4.23 g/cm3 (Rutile) ; 3.78 g/cm3 (Anatase) Appearance: White solidChemical Properties TiO2Wt%≧99.5FeWt%≦0.003NbWt%≦0.015P Wt%≦0.04ApplicationsThe Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is mainly used for PTC heating parts,Website:http://www.ch-dyc.com, electronics ceramics, ultra-high-temperature alloy steel, carbide, non-ferrous alloys, Ti-Fe and Ti-Al master alloy, regression reflective material, traffic safety identification, high-speed highway, shoes, hats, cars with anti-UV windshield, glass and etc. Whose specifications to comply to customers' requirements.

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