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Titanium Machining Components

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Baoji Refractory Metal Developer Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China titanium machining components manufacturers and suppliers, and as a professional company we have productive factory, welcome to wholesale titanium machining components products from us.² Chemical Composition:GradeChemical Composition/% ,≤Other ImpuritiesTiNCHFeOAlVPdMoNiEachTotalGr10.030.080.0150.200.18/////0.10.4BalanceGr20.030.080.0150.300.25/////0.10.4BalanceGr30.050.080.0150.300.35/////0.10.4BalanceGr40.050.080.0150.500.40/////0.10.4BalanceGr50.050.080.0150.400.205.5~6.753.5~4.5///0.10.4BalanceGr70.030.080.0150.300.25//0.12~0.25//0.10.4BalanceGr90.030.080.0150.250.152.5~3.52.0~3.0///0.10.4BalanceGr120.030.080.0150.300.25///0.2~0.40.6~ comparison tableASTMGr1Gr2Gr3Gr4Gr5Gr7Gr9Gr12GBTA1TA2TA3TA4TC4TA9TA18TA10² Products Properties:         —Low-density —4.5g/cm3                          — High thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity      —Good strength, good toughness                        —Suitable for high-pressure environment      —High temperature resistance,Suitable for use in the temperature range -200-1000 ℃.      —Excellent resistance to electrochemical corrosion, suitable for a variety of depth separation and fine filter of acid        —Welding available and simple machining ² Specification:     All the products can be supplied in according to customer’s drawing requirement.

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