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Titanium Material Heat Exchanger Plate Replacement M10 M20 M15 M30 Alfa Laval Plate

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Heat Exchanger PlateIntroduction to Plate Sheet                   1.The unique-structure shunting area can balance fluid distribution.2.The sheet is of unique linear and planar positioning structure, which can reduce the possibility for inter-sheet malposition.3. Fillets in the sheet are of "Interlocked" structure which allows for mutual interlocking of sheets.4.Design of large-angle ripples can raise heat transfer coefficient with fairly great reduction of resistance.5.Design of small-angle ripples allows for reduction of degradation resistance and is featured by fairly low heat transfer coefficient.6.Appropriate sheet type should be reasonably selected according to the parameters of working conditions at the time of design selection so as to achieve the best application effect.7.Upper guide bar is designed with double slopes, which can improve stability of the sheets.8.The inside part of clamping board is of bushing ring structure, which can improve matching accuracy.9.The herringbone corrugated sheet is featured by high heat transfer efficiency; in addition, net-shaped contacts are formed in mutually reserve directions after the entire machine is assembled, featuring good pressure resistance.Features1.high heat transfer efficiency2.net-shaped contacts3.good pressure resistancePlate Material : SUS304 , SUS316L , SMO254, Titanium , Nickel , Hastelloy Alloy Plate Thickness : 0.24 in (0.6mm) , 031 in (0.8mm) and .039 in (1mm)Material DescriptionCodeApplicable Temperature (degree centigrade)Anti-corrosive Performance and Applicable OccasionsNBRN-20~110Hot air, water, non-polar oil, mineral oil, lubricant and silicone oil, etc.EPDME-50~150Vapor, polar chemical medium, alcohol, weak acid, weak alkali and oxidizing agent, etc.CRC-40~100Ammonia, mineral oil and lubricant, etc.Fluorine RubberF0~180Inorganic acid, alkali, mineral oil and Haloalkane, etc.Silicon      RubberQ-65~230Resistant to cold current and dry hotWorkshop in Company

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