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Titanium Sheet

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1. product brief introduction     Our titanium plate include two kinds: pure titanium plate and titanium alloy plate. Pure titanium plate is mainly used in processing watch strap, WATCH-BUTTOM, heat exchange tube for plate heat exchanger, titanium mesh, cathode line/corona line for the electrostatic precipitator (oil tank), titanium plating bath, titanium-steel clad plate, large equipment (heat exchanger, reaction kettle) target, tube plate/ blind plate, flange, etc. Alloy plate usually are TC4 plate, is mainly used in the processing various of cutting tools, and sonic soot blower diaphragm for power plant dust-removing.2. The product specificationThickness: 0.5mm-200mmTitanium strip coil: 0.1mm-0.5mm(thickness) *1m/1.2m/1.5m(width)Standard sheet: 0.5mm-20mm(thickness)*1m*2mCold-rolled sheet: 1mm-4mm*1m*2mHot rolled plate: thickness ≥4mmWide Thick Plate:≥5mm *2m*6mThe above are commonly used specifications, specific specifications can also be customized according to customer request.3. The materialTA1(Grade 1)、TA2(Grade 2)TA9(Grade 7)、TA10(Grade 12)、TA18TC4(Grade 5)、TC6、TC114. Performance standardsChemical composition meet the ASTM_B_265-2010 standard and other standard you required.5. Properties of the standardReference standard of Chemical composition GradeAlVN.maxC.maxH.maxFe.maxO.maxResiduals(ea) maxResiduals(total) maxGr10.030.080.0150. standard of mechanical property Graderoom-temperature mechanical properties, not less thanYield strengthUltimate StrengthElongation in 50 mm, A5Reduction in AreaGrade1170 MPa240 MPa250%Grade2275 MPa345   MPa200%Grade5825   MPa895   MPa10 %Plate thickness deviation should be allowed to meet ThicknessWidth400~1000>1000~2000>20000.3~0.5±0.05——>0.5~0.8±0.07——>0.8-1.1±0.09——>1.1~1.5±0.11——>1.5~2.0±0.15——>2.0~3.0±0.18——>3.0~4.0±0.22——>4.0~6.0±0.35±0.40—>6.0~8.0±0.40±0.60±0.80>8.0~10.0±0.50±0.60±0.80>10.0~15.0±0.70±0.80±1.00>15.0~20.0±0.70±0.90±1.10>20.0~30.0±0.90±1.00±1.20>30.0~40.0±1.10±1.20±1.50>40.0~50.0±1.12±1.50±2.00>50.0~60.0±1.60±2.00±2.50Process performancePlate bending mandrel diameter and bending Angle GradeStateThickness/mmbending mandrel diameter /mmbending Angle a/°Gr1M

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