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Titanium Single Cable

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MATERIAL Grade 5 (6al-4v) titaniumWEIGHT1gAPPLICATIONtitanium bike framesTECHNIQUEMachinedThe Advantage Of Titanium Bike Parts1.10 years quality warranty2.Titanium Seatpost more safer than carbon.2.Titanium fork vibration resitance better than AL-alloy & caebon fork1.Bike titanium fork are extended Fatigue Life2.Ttanium alloy low Density(Low weight)3.High strength-to-weight ratio4.Corrosion Resistance(rust free)5.Flexibility6.Great elongation tolerance(ability to bend back)7.Non-PoisionousEST supply a broad range of titanium bicycle parts(bike frame,handlebar, clamp, stems, seat posts, fork, spacer, etc.),We also provides OEM manufacturing for clients who require exclusive service. For more products information, please don’t hesitate contact us with sales@bjdsti.com directly.

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