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Titanium Toothpicks

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MATERIALtitanium alloyDIAMETERMax dia1.6mmLENGTH60mmCOLORSliverPROCESSINGCNC MachinedAPPLICATIONSmall prod to pick fruit,Website:http://www.tirods.com, emergency needle in outdoor activities, can be also used as fishhook when bended.This is actually a multi-tool but designed primarily as a toothpick. Unlike silver, copper, or bronze, and wood, these Titanium toothpicks are tasteless. This tool could also be used as a survival needle. Threading can be done through the thread hold or wrapped in the upper grooves. Made from Titanium Alloy GR5, this titanium toothpick is very light, corrosion and rust resistance. Very good choice as useful home supplies. Also, you should also take one when you are picnicking, camping or hiking. There has been many pots, cups, sporks and other camping kits to allow you eat well in the open. And this little stuff can make it a better experience for you by taking care of food debris after meal. The quality of your trip is determined by details like this. You are sure to like it.· Light---Titanium Alloy GR5· Beautiful---CNC processing gives is a gorgeous look. It shows your taste.· Corrosion & Rust resistance· Affordable price for luxury enjoy For more sizes,large quantities and info., please forward your requirements  to sales@bjdsti.com

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