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Titanium Wire Mesh

Product Description

Titanium Wire Mesh is a shiny white metal wire mesh attributes lower density, large strength and easy fabrication features. It offers excellent resistance to corrosion and shows ductile nature when placed in the presence of oxygen. It provides large strength to weight ratio and high melting point of 1650oC. It is a significant refractory metal. The titanium wire mesh offers paramagnetic character and minor electrical and thermal conductivity.

Titanium doesn’t dissolve in water though it dissolves in the concentrated acids. It produces the security oxide layer when set up at the high temperatures in air though at the room temperatures it avoids tarnishing.

Properties of Titanium Wire Mesh
1.Toughness and light weight
2.Resistance to powerful acids and alkalis
3.Major and minor temperature adherent
4.Large tensile strength at the high temperatures

Applications of Titanium Wire Mesh
2.Electrode material wire
3.Medical industry

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