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Tonkin Bamboo Poles

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TONKIN BAMBOO POLES (Tsinglee Canes) Pseudosasa Amabilis 'Tonkin Cane' or 'Tea Stick' bamboo is native to China.It is very strong thin bamboo species widely used in flowers   trees planting and gardening,The canes are extremely straight, thick walled with non-prominent nodes, doesn't taper much from base to top,most important economic base on China resource,most popular use in the world agriculture use,it has diminutive nodes, thick walls, and is available in sizes from 5mm-50mm. The color is creamy white with less than 10% having a greenish tinge. Suitable for making fly rods and supporting plants.Production:Our canes the diameter from 6mm-14mm,Sizes can be ranging from 40cm to 210cm,usually 6-12mm for flower and vegetable plant support,and 10-14mm for grape and small trees support.16-20mm for young trees support,like olive tree.22-30mm usually for bigger trees support,like apple tree.

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