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Toughness Reinforced Grade

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Product Description: Specifications   Toughness Reinforced Grade ABS 1.high mechanical strength 2.high softening point,good wear resistance     We also can modified plastic materials according to customer’s need. Product name Toughness   Reinforced Grade ABS   Color As required Advantage Competitive price,high quality,on-time delivery,free sample Environment friendly High Heat Resistance,High impact resistance Without any impurity Can be reinforced with the glass fiber/toughness/flame retardant/UV stabilizer Packing 25kg/bag (also can   be customized)   Technical Data Sheet:   项目        典型性能 测试标准 Item Typical Characteristic Testing Standard 密  度                 Density  1.05 g/cm3 ASTM D-792 成型收缩率                    Molding Shrinkage 0.4-0.6 % ASTM D-955 洛氏硬度                 Rockwell Hardness     115 ASTM D-785 吸水率                    Water Absorption 0.10% ASTM D-570 拉伸强度                 Tensile Strength      48 MPa ASTM D-638 弯曲强度              Flexural Strength          69 MPa ASTM D-790 弯曲模量                Flexural Modulus         2550 MPa ASTM D-790 悬臂梁缺口冲击强度                Izod Unnotched Impact Strength 118 KJ/m2 ASTM D-256 热变形温度                Heat Deflection Temperature 88 ℃ ASTM D-648 阻燃性               Flame Retardant HB UL 94 使用温度 Use temperature 加工温度 Processing temperature : 230 - 250 °C 模具温度 Mould temperature      : 100 - 120 °C 背压     Back pressure          : ca.10 - 15 bar 注塑速度 Injection speed        : 中/高 medium/high 干燥     Pre-drying             : 需要 necessary     Certificates: Production Process: Partner: Free sample

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