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Triadimefon Formulations

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Product Description
Formulation Type: Triadimenfon 25% WP; Triadimenfon 20% ECApplication: Mode of action Systemic fungicide with protective,Website:, curative and eradicant action. Absorbed by the roots and leaves, with ready translocation in young growing tissues, but less ready translocation in older, woody tissues.  Uses Control of powdery mildews in cereals, pome fruit, stone fruit, berry fruit, vines, hops, cucurbits, tomatoes, vegetables, sugar beet, mangoes, ornamentals, turf, flowers, shrubs and trees; rusts in cereals, pines, coffee, seed grasses, turf, flowers, shrubs and trees; Monilinia spp. in stone fruit; black rot of grapes; leaf blotch, leaf spot, and snow mould in cereals; pineapple disease butt rot in pineapples and sugar cane; leaf spots and flower blights in flowers, shrubs and trees; and many other diseases of turf. Application rates are in the range 0.0025-0.0125% for vegetables, pome fruit, mangoes, and grapes; in the range 125-500 g/ha for cotton, cereals, hops, coffee, and sugar beet. Phytotoxicity Ornamentals may be damaged if triadimefon is used at excessive rates.

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