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Triangle Geological Drill Pipe

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Product Description
Triangle drill pipe/Triangular drill pipePrismatic drill rod is refers to Coal Mine Roadway Drilling with triangular pyramid type drill pipe,Website:, referred to as the three edged drill pipe, the triangular drill pipe, anti sloughing hole drill pipe, ABS pipe, is in a conical transition triangular arc steel for drill rod and thread form or triangular, square, hexagon connection form of drill pipe joints, friction welding made the coal seam geological conditions of drilling, coal mine water and gas drainage borehole construction, and can also be used in geophysical prospecting and construction of water conservancy engineering anchor and drilling field.Prismatic drill rod series products is in recent years, our company have developed with independent intellectual property rights of patent product, won a number of national patents, respectively is: a triangular pyramid type drill pipe, Coal Mine Roadway Drilling, a coal mine tunnel drilling triangular hexagonal fast connecting rod device, a coal mine tunnel drilling thrust slag spiral drill pipe.Product Application:Geological alloy drill rod is used to the advanced detection of the working seam in coal mine industry, such as water detection and methane extraction drilling. Meantime, geological alloy drill rod has the high torque property same as that of outward flat geological drill rod, which enable to proceed the regular boring and construction in the rock gangway. Geological alloy drill rod is widely used in boring construction of drilling, anchoring and blasting of many industries, such as drilling and anchoring in petroleum, coal mine, metal ore extraction, railway and highway, tunnel and bridge, hydraulic engineering and so on.Technical ParameterNo.SpecificationsMaterialTorqueDepthDrilling RigBorehole Diameter1Φ34mmDZ502000N.m100mZQJC-160-1000ZDY-400ZDY-650Hydraulic drilling rig55mm2Φ42mmDZ503000N.m150m65mm,75mm3Φ50mmDZ505000N.m150m75mm4Φ63.5mmR7808000N.m200mZDY-1900ZDY-3200ZDY-400094mm5Φ73mmR78010000N.m200m94mm6Φ89mmR78012000N.m300m108mm

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