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Trichloroethyl Phosphate

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Henan GP Chemicals Co.,Ltd is one of the leading trichloroethyl phosphate suppliers and also a professional such manufacturer in China, welcome to buy bulk trichloroethyl phosphate from our factory.Email : alex@gpcchem.comTri(2-Chloroethyl)phosphateProduct nameTCEP ; Tri(2-Chloroethyl)phosphateCAS No.115-96-8UN No.2810 6.1/PG 3EINECS No.204-118-5SpecificationsAppearancecolorless or slightly yellow transparent liquidColor(Pt-Co),number≤100Acid value,mgKOH/g≤0.1Relative density D20201.410~1.430Flash point℃≥220Use / ApplicationThis product is mainly used as flame retardants, flame-retardant effect more significant. Widely used in cellulose acetate, nitro cellulose, ethyl cellulose, PVC, polyurethane, polyvinyl acetate and phenolic resins are also used for metal extraction agents, lubricants and gasoline additives, as well as the polyimide processing modifiers. Commonly used in the cellulose nitrate and acetate fiber-based paint coatings. This product is environmentally friendly product, the production process basically no "three wastes" generated, and the products with low toxicity.Because it both has chlorine and phosphate in the molecular of the product, so andplastic properties for the plastic, unsaturated resin product (FRP), rubber pr in thePVC, flexible PU foam, hard Foam, cellulose acetate, nitro cellulose lacqu to flame-rubber and rubber conveyor belt at home and aboard.Packing250kg drumPacking picture

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