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Triphenyl Phosphite

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1.Properties: It is a colorless or light yellow transparent liquid a little phenol odor taste. It does not dissolve in water and easily dissolve in organic solvent such as alcohol,Website:, ether benzene, acetone etc. It may separate free phenol if it met moisture and has absorbility for ultraviolet.2. CAS No.: 101-20-03. Specification (conform to standard Q/321181 ZCH005-2001)Color(Pt-Co):≤50Density:1.183-1.192Refractive index:1.585-1.590Solidfcation point°C:19-24Oxide(Cl- %):≤0.204.Application 1) PVC industry: cable, windows and door, sheet, decorating sheet, agricultural membrane, floor membrane etc.2) Other synthetic material industry: used as light-heat stabilizer or oxide-heat stabilizer.3) Other industry: complex liquid and ointment compound stabilizer etc.5.Package and transportation:it is packed in galvanized iron drum with net weight 200-220kg.

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