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Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

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Looking for CE certification truck mounted concrete pump made in China from China truck mounted concrete pump manafacturers and suppliers, China manufacturing company, and China factory? Please feel free to contact Qingdao Conele Group, we are able to offer you low price and high quality truck mounted concrete pump products. Welcome to buy cheap or wholesale products from us.Technical Parameters:Model 21m25m29m33m37mPumping    systemMax. theor.  Output volume(high/low pressure)m3/h37/6360/10055/9055/80160Max. theor.  Output pressure(high/low pressure)MPa13/7.512/713/7.513/7.58Working pressureMPa3232323232Pumping frequency(high/low pressure)min-114/2414/2318/3018/3026 Hopper capacityL450550450450600Filling heightmm14501540145014501600Hydraulic form open loopopen loopopen loopopen loopopen loopDistribution valve S valveS valveS valveS valveS valveOil cylinder Dia.×strokemmΦ125×1400Φ140×1800φ125×1650φ100×          1650/1400Φ130×1900Concrete cylinder Dia.×strokemmφ200×1400φ230×1800φ200×1650φ200×          1650/1400φ260×1900Oil cooling Air coolingAir coolingAir coolingAir coolingAir coolingRecommended Concrete slumpcm12~2312~2312~2312~2312~23Max. aggregate sizemm4040404040Placing boomStructure type 3R4M4M4M4ZPlacing heightm2125293337Placing radiusm17.521253334Placing depthm1014.418.422.421Slewing angle 365°365°365°365°365°Pipe dia.mm125125125125125End hose lengthmm30003000300030003000Min. height of Open placing boommm8500641010638119008500Outriggers span(front×back×side)mm4024  ×3100   ×52275300  ×2300   ×61816140   ×7098    ×67066140  ×7098   ×67066200         ×7200            ×8120TruckChassis model EQ5161TZZKJ(DFM)ZZ5207N5617D1     (HOWO)ZZ5207N5617D1(HOWO)ZZ5207N5617D1(HOWO)ZZ5307N4647C    (HOWO)Wheelbasemm47005600560056004600+13504575+1400Engine model YC6J180-46D10.34-40D10.34-40D10.34-40WD615.95Engine powerKW132249249249249Fuel tank capacityL400400400400400Emission standard National IVNational IVNational IVNational IVNational IVTotal weightKg1500019060208002500028870Overall dimensionmm9630  ×2480  ×342310283 ×2480  ×367010346  ×2480  ×364810750 ×2480  ×364812000 ×2490 ×3850OthersLubrication mode AutomaticAutomaticAutomaticAutomaticAutomaticOil tank capacityL600650500500600Control mode Manual+remote    controlManual+remote    controlManual+remote    controlManual+remote    controlManual+remote    controlMax. water pressureMPa0. tank capacityL500500400400500Pipe cleaning    mode Water    cleaning/dry cleaningWater    cleaning/dry    cleaningWater    cleaning/dry    cleaningWater    cleanin/dry  cleaningWater    cleaning/dry    cleaningOur Advantages:1.High safety coefficientAdopt America IMS stepper motor and driver to control the engine speed.2.Choose the best quality materialsAdopt Sweden SSAB high strength steel, the yield strength is several times higher than ordinary steel.3.More intelligent operationRemote control for switching on/off the engine, according to working condition.Remote control for regulating concrete displacement, according to working condition.Remote control for adjusting engine speed, according to working condition.4.High design standardAdopt computer closed loop control, make the motor speed supply on demand automatically, to save every drop of oil.Steady X leg design, can spread in a narrow space.5.International purchase, imported componentsHBC wireless remote control device imported from Germany.STEIBEL gearbox and Rexroth pump unit imported from    Germany.    HAWE multiway valve imported fromGermany.REXROTH valve group imported fromGermany.SIEMENS PLC imported fromGermanyand all the electric elements are imported6.Full hydraulic control systemOverall hydraulic commutation system: the alternative commutation actions between pumping S tube distribution does not involve electric signals. Little impact and low noise occurs during commutation, it prolong the service life of hydraulic pump and valve.Overall hydraulic system removes the intermediate process of the electric signals, greatly improves the performance reliability of the whole equipment.Centralized valve block: The hydraulic valves of main system are centralized in one valve block. This reduces the cross-connected pipelines, makes the system more compact and decreases the oil leaking possibility.7.High efficient pumping systemLarge conveying cylinder, good suction and big pumping flow rate.Our own unique design concrete piston return technology makes the concrete piston maintenance very convenient.Automatic high/low pressure switching can be chosen.8.More Steady placing boom systemUnique arm frame buffer technology can reduce the system high pressure peak value, even in the case of high output, the placing boom shakes little and tailpipe is steady.9. Convenient maintenance systemManual and hydraulic synchronous lubricating, convenient to inspect oilway.Use oil automatic sealing device and return filter to keep the oil in the tank for a easy and quick checking and repairing.

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