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Tube Screw Conveyor

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Pipe screw conveyor commonly known as packing auger, is a conveying equipment widely used in chemical industry, building materials, grain and oil, feed, food, metallurgy, mining, plastic, pharmaceutical and other industries , which is applied to horizontal conveying, tilt conveying, vertical conveying and other forms to convey granular or powder material. Screw conveyor is simple in structure, low fabrication cost, strong sealing capability and the advantages of convenient operation. It can realize multipoint outfit without moving driving devices,remove suspension bearing without moving screw, can lubricate suspension bearing without removing the cover plate. Finishing machine has high reliability, long life, strong adaptability, easy installation and maintenance. Their transmission distance ranges from 2 meters to 70 meters, specifications from 120-600 kinds. Texture of tube type screw conveyor material has carbon steel and stainless steel. Special specifications of the screw conveyor like shaftless screw conveyor, etc.can be produced according to customer's requirements.Pipe screw conveyor’s features: screw conveyor bearing bush and intermediate bearing adopts wear-resisting alloy steel with high density, fission structure to eliminate material wasting, increase the material throughput, non-refueling, neglected management to use. Connection between the intermediate shaft of screw conveyor is "plug type" connection to have the effect of "direction" ; when the intermediate shaft and bushing wear, its effect is more apparent to avoid the screw root cutting and impact noise by rigid connection (flange) .   Tube type screw conveyor specification and technical parametersscrew diameter(mm)Coal powdercementcalcined sodaN.R.P.MQ(m3)N.R.P.MQ(m3)N.R.P.MQ(m3)φ1501909973.11184.5φ20015017755.6958φ2501503375119516φ3001505860157522φ40011810860367553φ5009717047.5556084

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