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Joyelectric International is a professional China tulip contact distributor and agent among those well-known such manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to order tulip contact products from our factory and company.Traditional model seriesStructure characteristics:Uniform Pressure distribution for ring springContact material: T2 Copper plate ( purity 99.9%); Silver-plated for surfaceUse non-magnetic stainless steel as support to avoid whirlpool, no sharp and burrAnti-strain treatment in order to avoid the oxidation for sliver surface. Reference size of the insert depth of fixed contact:34+2mmSpecification& size of jaw contact series:S.N.SpecificationFinger pieces  Closed circle for fixed contact (D1)Mating fixed contact(d1)Closed circle( D2)Mating conductive pole(d2)Outer diameterD1630A12Φ33.5Φ35Φ26Φ28Φ742630A24pcsΦ33.5Φ35Φ26Φ28Φ7431250A/31.5kA30pcsΦ47.5Φ49Φ40Φ42Φ8841250A/40kA30pcsΦ47.5Φ49Φ40Φ42Φ8851600A/31.5kA36pcsΦ53.5Φ55Φ46Φ48Φ9461600A/40kA36pcsΦ53.5Φ55Φ46Φ48Φ9471600A/40kA48pcsΦ77.5Φ79Φ70Φ72Φ12782000A/40kA48pcsΦ77.5Φ79Φ70Φ72Φ12792500A/40kA64Φ107.5Φ109Φ100Φ102Φ157103150A/40kA64Φ107.5Φ109Φ100Φ102Φ157114000A/40kA82Φ107.5Φ109Φ100Φ102Φ157  New model seriesGC4 new model contact jaw seriesThe advantage compared with traditional jaw contacts:1. 30% lower circuit resistance;2.10% lower temperature rise;3. Around 20% less of insertion-withdrawal force;4. Double were life for sliver-plated surface;5. Deviation value within the range of 5mm, uniform pressure for contact pieces and stable circuit resistance, no weak contact, hanging phenomenon;6. Less weight;7.Double increase for oxidation resistance;8.Double extension for usage life;Specification& size of  new model GC4 series:S.N.Rated currenct and finger piecesClosed circle for fixed contact (D1)Mating fixed contact(d1)Closed circle( D2)Mating conductive pole(d2)Outer diameterWithout protective cover  D Outer diameterWith protective cover 1630A/12PcsΦ33.5Φ35Φ26Φ28Φ74Φ1142630A/12PcsΦ47.5Φ49Φ40Φ42Φ883630A/18pcsΦ28.5Φ30Φ21Φ23Φ8841250A/24pcsΦ33.5Φ35Φ26Φ28Φ7451250A/40pcsΦ47.5Φ49Φ40Φ42Φ8861250A/30pcsΦ47.5Φ49Φ40Φ42Φ8871250A/24pcsΦ47.5Φ49Φ44special for schneiderΦ46special for schneiderΦ8881250A/40pcsΦ48.5Φ50Φ41Φ43Φ9491600A/36pcsΦ53.5Φ55Φ46Φ48Φ94101600A/42pcsΦ53.5Φ55Φ46Φ48Φ94112000A/48pcsΦ77.5Φ79Φ70Φ72Φ118Φ166122500A/60pcsΦ107.5Φ109Φ100Φ102Φ158133150A/64pcs143150A/72pcs154000A/82pcs If you would like a quotation or further information on the products, please fill in the form below and we will reply to you within 1 working day. Thank you for your interest to our products.

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