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Tungsten Alloy Sheet

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As one of the professional China tungsten alloy sheet manufacturers and suppliers,Website:http://www.hanzwmo.fr, Hanz Material Technology is able to supply you with high quality astm b777 wnife sheet, wnife alloy product, tungsten alloy plate. Welcome to make contact with us.Tungsten Heavy Alloys are materials with a high tungsten content and low amounts of Ni, Fe or Ni, Cu. Some tungsten alloy is added Co, Mo or Cr etc. Their densities could be as high as 16.8~18.8g/cc.Advantages:High densityGood machinabilityGood mechanical propertiesHigh modulus of elasticityHigh absorption capacity against χ-rays and γ-raysHarmless to the health and environment. Applications:Protection shields for nuclear radiation such as PET syringe shield, vial shield, isotope container, FDG container, multi leaf collimatorBalancing weights such as tungsten sinker bar, heavy metal boring bar, vessels crank camshafts, holders for well logging, racing weights, vibration damping and dynamic balancing weightsSubstitutional material for UraniumElectroheat upsetting anvil blockBalls in bombHigh voltage electrical contactElectrodes for Resistance Welding Product Standard:ASTM B 777-07We offer two series of Tungsten Heavy Alloys: W-Ni-Fe(magnetic) and W-Ni-Cu(nonmagnetic).Chemical Composition, Physical & Mechanical Properties of Tungsten Base, High Density Metal:ClassNominal TungstenDensityHardnessTensile StrengthElongationWeight%g/cm3Rockwell CMPa016.85~17.2524~32700~1200(600~800)20~33(4~8)292.517.15~17.8525~30700~1400(500~600)15~25(3~5)39517.75~18.3525~35700~12008~1549718.25~18.8530~35600~10008~14 Note:The data in brackets apply to non-magnetic nickel-copper tungsten heavy alloy. Size: 0.05~50mm(thickness)×50~500mm(width)×100~1500mm(length)

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