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Tungsten Carbide Internal Cooling Drill Bits

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Product: Tungsten Carbide Internal cooling Drill BitsMaterial: Tungsten CarbideType: Imperial, Metric, Non-standardProduct Description: With spiral cooling hole, we can process non-standard, metric and imperial tungsten carbide drill bits according to your requirement.Solid carbide will be long service life for hardened steels, it is high wearing.Tungsten carbide inner cooling drill bits are with spiral cooling hole, water or oil can pass through the hole, and make the drill bits cooling.Cooling can reduce the frictional coefficients and save the processing time, it is suitable for high speed cutting of CNC drilling machine and dry-type process machining.The shank can be processed according to customers' requirements.We supply different type of drills bits, such as twist drills, center drills, spot drills, and step drill bits.   You also can choose non-standard tungsten carbide internal cooling drill bits.

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