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Tungsten Crucibles

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Baoji Zhipu Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Co.,Ltd is one of the most famous China tungsten crucibles manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to wholesale cheap tungsten crucibles products from our company and factory.Product Information Product NameTungsten CruciblesGradeW1, W2PurityW≥99.95%Maximum appliedtemperature environment2400℃SpecificationsAccording to customer drawings or samples for processingOriginChina, Shannxi, Baoji Chemical Properties ElementContentInpurity Content (Max)%Pb0.0001Bi0.0001Sn0.0001Sb0.001As0.001Fe0.005Ni0.001Al0.001Si0.001Ca0.001Mg0.001Mo0.010P0.001C0.005O0.003N0.003  Application Because the melting point of tungsten as high as 3410 ℃, so the tungsten crucible is widely used in sapphire crystal growth furnace, quartz glass melting furnace, rare earth smelting furnace and other industrial furnace core container, its use of the working temperature of the environment in general more than 2000 ℃. Especially for sapphire crystal growth furnace, high purity, high density, no inner crack, size accurate, bright and clean inside and outside wall, such as characteristics of tungsten crucible success rate of sapphire crystal growth process of crystal, crystal pulling quality control, to take off the crystal glue pot life and played a key role. Tungsten crucible or lining is suitable for electron beam evaporation application, can effectively improve the evaporation rate of corresponding materials. We can offer various sizes of tungsten lining.

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