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Tungsten Flat Plate

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Baoji Shengyuan Metal Material Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China tungsten flat plate manufacturers and suppliers, equipped with a professional factory and company, welcome to wholesale quality tungsten foil products from us. Physical and Chemical Properties Purity:W≥99.95%; Density:≥19.3g/cm3;  Flatness:≤2%; Measurements and Tolerances Special sizes can be manufactured based on customers' requirements Manufacture Process and Equipment Item Process Equipment Quality check point 1  Physical and chemical properties 1 Tungsten billet 2  Measurements of sheet billet 2 Check 3  Surface quality 4  Unit net weight of billet material 3 Hot rolled Hot mill 1  Measurements (thickness , width) 4 Annealing Anneal furnace 2  Side crack, stratification for top 5 Alkali wash Alkali bath furnace 3  Skew rolling 6 Check 4  Flatness 7 Warm rolled Four –high cold mill 1  Measurements  (length, width and thickness) 8 Annealing Anneal furnace 2  Side crack, bubbles on surface, uneven on surface 9 Check 3   Flatness 10 Cold rolled Four –high cold mill 1  Density 11 cut Hydraulic plate shears 2  Measurements (length, width,  and thickness) 12 annealing Vacuum annealing furnace 3  Surface quality ,bubble on surface, 13 machining Wire cutting machine 4  Roll mark, stress, Flatness 14 check Flat-stone mill 5  Quality standard:GB/T3875-2006 15 package 6  Show certificate of quality ApplicationAfter rolling and processing with deflection reaching 60% , the density of tungsten sheet basically comes close to tungsten’s theory density. Therefore, tungsten sheet possesses the properties of high density, balanced internal structure and excellent high creep strength temperature. tungsten sheet is widely used in reflection shield, cover plate applied in the sapphire growth furnace, reflection shield, heating tape, connecting pieces applied in vacuum furnace, titanium sputtering target applied in plasma coating film, and high temperature resistance boats.Package DetailsFirst, packaging with moisture-proof paperSecond, packaging with kraft paperThird, packaging with foam plastics in all side of plywood case.Finally packing products in plywood case TransportationShipping goods by TNT,DHL,Fedex,UPS,EMS  etc. Transport goods to Beijing or Shanghai air port by air transportation

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