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Tungsten Matrix Bit

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Product Description
The product description:   Diamond composite sheet (PDC) is under the condition of high temperature, the artificial diamond and hard alloy prepared special super hard material, it not only has the advantages of high hardness, wear resistance of diamond hard alloy, but also have a strong impact resistance, a large blade, it can greatly improve the blade bit’s working efficiency, is ideal for drilling in medium hard rock and hard rock; the main categories of diamond composite piece drill bit manufactured by our company are diamond, diamond drill bit bolt concave( diamond core drill), diamond core drills, diamond blade drill, diamond reamer; at present , the PDC bit our company produced spread our whole country, coal oil drilling, geological exploration, water conservancy and hydropower, railway tunnel, highway construction and other industries.Concave type tungsten alloy matrix body bit features:PDC Bit with Arc Angle and Blade、Oil drilling  Suitable for soft - medium hard formation drilling, this kind of bit with effective gauge, high efficiency, strong impact resistance, erosion resistance, high wear resistance, can be used in deep hole drilling in complex strata, widely used in geological exploration, coal mining, mining, water conservancy, water and electricity industries.Models:Φ56mm、Φ60mm、Φ65mm、Φ75mm、Φ94mm、Φ113mm、Φ133mm、Φ152mmRemarks:We can produce bit and thread type according to requirements.

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