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Tungsten Wire

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Product Description
Baoji Refractory Metal Developer Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China tungsten wire manufacturers and suppliers, and as a professional company we have productive factory, welcome to wholesale tungsten wire products from us.² Chemical Composition:Tungsten contentThe sum of other elementsContent of each element≥99.95%≤0.05%≤0.01%² Specification:Φ0.015~Φ3.20mm² Range of use:DescriptionUsedShowTungsten wireFor producing filaments, heat wires,grids,springs and aluminizing heat coil and etc.Within electric light source parts and electronic appliance components etc. White tungsten wireUsed in electric vacuum vocation,electron tube of electric lamp-house vocation,car lamp series.halogen lamp,special lamp   Tungsten heater wireUsed for electric vacuum part,colorful or black and white kinescope,Aluminum spraying,plastic spraying.    ² Tolerance:Diameter(mm)Mg/200mm wire (mg)Mg/200mm wire Tolerance(%)Diameter Tolerance(%)0ⅠⅡⅠⅡ 0.015≤d≤0.018      0.44~0.98—±3.0±4.0—— 0.018<d≤0.040     >0.98~4.85±2.0±2.5±3.0 0.040<d≤0.080     >4.85~19.39±1.5±2.0±2.5 0.080<d≤0.300     >19.39~272.71±1.0±1.5±2.0 0.300<d≤0.350     >272.71~371.19—±1.0±1.5 0.350<d≤0.500———±1.5±2.0 0.500<d≤1.800±1.0±1.5Note:Special demands on tolerance available.

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