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Tungsten Wire Mesh

Product Description

Tungsten Mesh Screen is called as the superior functional material that is widely utilized in the filaments. It has very high melting scale about 3422oC as well as boiling scale about 5555oC. The wire mesh is featured with the better physical properties like high density, minor vapor pressure and thermal expansion. It offers large thermal conductivity, high electrical resistance and large modulus of elasticity. The tungsten wire mesh offers excellent resistance to corrosion and has supreme mechanical features.

Mesh Specifications
Mesh Size 0.2Mesh/Inch to 250Mesh/Inch
Thickness 0.1mm-5.0mm
Aperture Rate 10%-90%

Properties of Tungsten Wire Mesh:
1) Rough, thick, silver-white color, bright metal creates a secure coating upon subjecting into open air.
2) Hefty melting point and tensile strength
3) Ductile
4) Tremendous resistance to corrosion
The tungsten element prevents corrosion due to oxygen, acids and alkalis. It mixes with oxygen to create yellow tungsten oxide that dissolves in the aqueous alkaline solution. The Tungsten carbides offer resistance to the chemical however it reacts aggressively with the chlorine.

Applications of Tungsten Wire Mesh:
1) Filaments for lamps of coiled-coil or three-coiled incandescent lamp,
2) Fluorescent lamp, halogen lamp, auto lamp and hi-color temperature lamps, etc.
3) Electron tubes.
Spooling of Tungsten wire Mesh
Tungsten wire¬ Mesh is usually spooled on neat and fault free spools. The wire with major diameters is coiled itself. Spools are level filled in absence of pilling near flanges. The external edge of wire is labeled and joined firmly to the spool or self coil.

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