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Two Extruder Film Blowing Machine

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If you are looking for new design, full automatic two extruder film blowing machine, or you are going to import high speed PLC control products from a such factory, or you are planning to check the price with a such golden supplier, with large output two extruder film blowing machine for sale and providing with two extruder film blowing and printing machine, two extruder plastic film blown plant, two extruder plastic extrude film blowing machine on promotion, Yuzhe Intl Trading Company is always at your service. Molds of Film Blowing Machine Mold HL-45-600 HL-50-800 HL-65-1000 HL-80-1500 HL-120-3000 Material HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, Recycling material, Biodegradable material. Max Width 550mm 750mm 1000mm 1500mm 3000mm Screw φ45mm φ50mm φ65mm φ80mm φ120mm L:D 28:1 28:1 30:1 30:1 30:1 Out put 40kg/h 55kg/h 75kg/h 90kg/h 280kg/h Thickness LDPE: 0.001-0.2mm    HDPE: 0.012-0.15mm Extruder 15kw 18kw 30kw 55kw 75kw Total Power 26kw 45kw 55kw 76kw 180kw Main feature and purpose: The plastic film products are required with more and more customers with the Pervasive application of the package film.Our factory has over 30 years’ experiences in producing plastic machinery series introducing the similar machines’ characters to produce this machine. This machine is special to blow film with HDPE, LDPE, dissoluble plastic and reproducible. The body frame can be adjusted to raise and fall within a certain range, the advantages make convenient operation and extra fine quality. This machine is compact structure, convenient operation, saving space, it is Intelligent facilities to produce plastic film. Step of the Film Blowing: Feeding→plastifying→extruding→blowing out and extensing →cooling and finalizing the design→traction→ traction →rewinding Feeding Process Put litter material after the machine starts. Until the material is extruded well, confirm the machine head is normal and the condition of plastifying is fine,then can enlarge the quantities of the material.. Plastifying process After the raw material goes out from the extruder and is heated through preheat section,it plasticizes and is extruded out,then mixed by srew pole,and finally,the granular material  is plastified into melt.  The Extruding out process The fused material output is from the screw pole extruding out section. It makes the original swirl material become the advection through the filter screen in machine head and then the material comes into the spiral machine head and flows into the die opening. Finally it becomes the cylinder filming tube and extruded out.  The processes of film-blowing, lengthways towing   The film's size will be controlled well once the film tube is elongated,it has two main processes, blowing out and the lengthways drafting.  Under the certain extruding machine rotating, the instant temperature and the changeless material discharging, also the dimension (width of breadth ) is decided by the ratio of blowing out and (the times of film’s transversed drafting ) can be easily operated under 3 ~ 6 times.  The thickness of film is decided by the lengthways drafting time, i.e. the ratio between drafting speed and the extruding speed, normally it is 3~7 times. If the drafting ration is too large, the film will be easily broken out. Cooling and finalizing the design The design finalizing is mainly decided by cooling vane(air ring) and air pressure. Its function is to make the film tube extrude out from die opening and the plastics cooled according the designed shape and it is adjusted in fine. The more precision section shape and brightness surface and after the shaped, the material passes the drafting roll, then coming into printing part. Rewinding part This machine applies double friction rewinders with cutting device and it could produce the single layer film and double layers rounded film according to customers’ demands. It could double rewind in single layer or single rewind in two layers, so that the film should be rewinded smoothly.   MODEL :HBD-700 Automatic Bag Making Machine No Model HBD-700 1 Max. Width of Bag 600mm 2 Max. Length of Bag 1200mm 3 Bag making speed 400pc/min 4 Motor Power 3kw 5 Total Weight 1600kg 6 Overall Dimension(L*W*H) 3600*1500*1950mm

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