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Two-way Straight Bore Stopcock

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1271.Stopcock straight bore, two-way, capillaryProduct descriptionHuaou straight bore stopcock capillary with two connected tube. There are six sizes of this product and we accept customized products. The shape of this product was designed to match the angle of pipeline. Material: glass. Color: Clear, heavy duty. After wash and dry it, you can use it to connect the pipeline, but don’t forget the vacuum grease to make sure it’s sealed.There are 6 sizes available: 2x120 two-way straight bore stopcock, 4x120 two-way straight bore stopcock, 6x120 two-way straight bore stopcock, 8x120 two-way straight bore stopcock, 10x120 two-way straight bore stopcock, 12x120 two-way straight bore stopcock.Bullet points/advantages: 1. Material: glass2. Color: Clear3. Heavy dutyColor :  ClearMaterial:  glassSpecificationCat. No.Diameter of core O.D.of side armLength of side armQty/Ctn (mm)(mm)(mm) 127128120801271481208012716101206012718121204012711014120301271121712020

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