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Type Wwb Manual Tongs

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Product Description
Surestrong Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China type wwb manual tongs manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to check type wwb manual tongs price and design with us, and also we are always able to offer you type wwb manual tongs for sale. Q23/8-103/4 WWB Manual TongType WWB manual tongs are necessary tools applied to make up and break out pipes, changing lug jaws and latch steps can adjust different handling sizes of the tongs. They are designed and manufactured according to API Spec 7K.No. of Latch Lug Jaw            Size RangeTorquekN.minmm1#2.3/8-3.3/460.3-95.25482#3.1/2-4.5/888.9-117.483#4.1/2-5.3/4114.3-146.054#5.1/4-7.1/4133.35-184.155#6.7/8-8.5/8174.63-219.086#9-10.3/4228.6-273.0535

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