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U-pipe Solar Collector

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Product Description
U pipe solar collectorFeature1.twin-glass evacuated tubes:Reliable, efficient, High temperature resistantanti-freezing.2.There is no water in the vacuum tube, it can still work even one tube is broken.3. U pipe, most efficient4.aluminum alloy manifold and bracket, corrosion resistance, easy to install. It can be installed both on flat roof and inclined roof5.more flexible Installation, installation angle from 0 degrees to 90 degrees, roof and wall hanging installation.6.high temperature resistant rock wool / glass cotton insulating layer, high density, good thermal insulation properties.7.high quality copper heat exchanger, it can withstand 1MPa.8.Improves the environment and save your fuel cost.working principle: the vacuum tube absorbs solar radiation and transform into heat, pass to the fin by the tube wall, and then transfer to the U pipe by the fin, U pipe absorbs heat then transfer to medium, cold medium continuously flow into inlet and heated by U pipe, then flow out  from the outlet, so that obtain the heat of solar energy heating water..table{ border-collapse:collapse;} .table td, .table th{ border:1px solid #cdcdcd; padding:5px;}Technical data:.table{ border-collapse:collapse;} .table td, .table th{ border:1px solid #cdcdcd; padding:5px;}MODELSC-U-15SC-U-18SC-U-20Tubes Qty151820Distance between two tubes75Diameter/Length of Vacuum tube(㎜)φ58/1800Material of vacuum tubehigh borosilicate glass 3.3Thickness of inner/outer Vacuum tube(㎜)1.6/1.8Diameter/Length of heat pipe condensor(㎜)φ14/1750U pipe material/thickness(㎜)Cu tp2/0.5Diameter/Thickness of inner tube(㎜)φ22/1.0Connection sizeφ22 or 3/4″Keeping warm material/thickness(㎜)Rock wool/40Solar Collector Pressure(MPa)0.6Solar Collector ℃working temperature<100Solar Collector Capacity(L)0.981.151.27Solar Collector Aperture area(㎡)1.51.82Solar Collector Total Area(㎡)2.32.743.04Recommend flow(L/min)1.131.351.5Pressure drop(Pa)59.290.6116.7Intercept effiency η0 0.780.780.78Heat loss coefficient a2.092.092.09Solar Collector Power(W)1000W/㎡87010471165Solar Collector Net weight(kg)50.7559.7564.75 

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